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The AIATSIS Foundation was established to support the work of AIATSIS in telling the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia.

In doing that however, AIATSIS also interacts across policy spaces providing advice on programs and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. AIATSIS is a unique organisation with significant links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country. AIATSIS works in a full co-operative model with Indigenous Australians.

Supporting the AIATSIS Collection

AIATSIS holds the world's largest collection dedicated to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. This collection provides a safe place for culturally significant objects and is also an incredible resource for Australians wanting to better understand the story of our land and people. AIATSIS is dedicated to maintaining this resource for all Australians. From time to time AIATSIS will consider the purchase of rare or significant artefacts. This is something you can support.

Showcasing the AIATSIS Collection through digital technology

Our digital world is the key to repatriating the AIATSIS collection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and sharing it across the country. Only when people engage and encounter can they be transformed. Our national identity and the story that helped shaped it is held in the archives in Canberra. There is so much that we can share. AIATSIS is funded as a repository and we perform this task well. In order to showcase that collection in other spaces, we need support. We have great ideas and want every Australian to encounter this story. With partners we can do this.